Yusha Evans, formerly Joshua Evans, is a well-known Islamic figure in the USA. He came from a strict Methodist Christian upbringing, where he spent the majority of his youth involved in his Church Bible college and had the intention of going on to become a Bible scholar. After he become heavily involved in his youth group where he read the Bible from cover to cover many times, Yusha began to find many inconsistencies in the Bible, which influenced what he describes as 'the biggest mistake any Christian can make', which is to ask questions. The lack of answers and confusion led Yusha to leave Christianity altogether after which he began searching other religions, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Judaism – and none of them had a clear truth. One day he ran into a Muslim friend who had invited him to a Friday worship service and when he saw Muslims praying, he described it as 'almost like a light that went off in my head'. Yusha than began reading the Qur'an and once he was complete he took the shahada. Yusha Evans is now greatly involved in the American Muslim community, where he operates extremely popular dawah workshops, friday sermons and lectures across all 50 states.

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How the Bible Led me To Islam 57 MB
What Will Take Me to Paradise 19.6 MB
Islam Is The solution 25.2 MB