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Abu Ahmad is the president of IDCA (the Islamic Dawah Centre of Australia), a well respected Daee and motivational speaker in Sydney. A man on a mission, whose passion for Islam drives him to share the message of this wonderful deen (way of life) with Muslims and non-Muslims alike, not only in Sydney, but Australia wide. Abu Ahmad (Ihssan Wehbe) was born in Paddington, Sydney Australia in 1974 to Lebanese parents who migrated to Australia. He was raised with his two siblings in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. Abu Ahmad describes his experience in the public schools as 'not the best' as there were limited role models and guidance about and thus application of Islamic principles;however he gained an appreciation of the many ethnicities and cultures around him.

Lecture Size
I want to be like Abu Bakr 47.98 MB
Reminders of Death 20.4 MB
Friday Khutbah 26-06-07 26.4 MB
Torment of the Grave 21.1 MB
Mercy of the Prophet 22.5 MB
Generosity In Islam 8 MB
Some Advice to Todays Youth 27 MB
Leaving Something for the Sake of Allah 22 MB
Major Sins - Lecture 1 (Shirk & Killing Someone) 12.7 MB
Major Sins - Lecture 2 (Neglecting the Prayer) 37.6 MB
Major Sins - Lecture 3 (Magic & Killing Someone) 40.6 MB
Major Sins - Lecture 4 (Not Paying Zakat) 33.5 MB
Major Sins - Lecture 5 (Not Fasting The Month of Ramadan) 24. 4 MB
Major Sins - Lecture 6 (Not Performing Hajj) 30. 1 MB
Major Sins - Lecture 7 (Zina) 31.2 MB
Major Sins - Lecture 8 (Disobeying Parents) 26.9 MB
Death will approach you! 37.6 MB
Death Series - The Souls Journey - Part 1 - 26.2 MB
Death Series - The Grave - The Final Journey - Part 2 31.9 MB
Death Series - The Day of Judgement 18.1 MB
Don't Neglect Yourself 20.5 MB
The Evils of the Tongue 30.5 MB
Umar Ibn Al Khattab 20.4 MB
A Story of a Russian Revert 31.8 MB
Taqwa in Allah 24.6 MB
Men Around the Prophet Series - Abu Bakr 19.4 MB
Children's Rights over their Parents 20.1 MB
A Glimpse at the Past 20.3 MB
Perfecting the Fast in Ramadan 24.3 MB
The Ultimate Pleasure - Part 1  26 MB
Death. The Seperator of Groups  32 MB
The Real Poverty 34 MB
Women of paradise  48.7 MB
Dunya or Akhira 24 MB
Syria Khutbah 25.4 MB
Control yourself 41.6MB
The Story Of Aisha Stories Of The Syrian Refugees 71.6 MB